Our Products

We provide 8 log cabins design plans for you to choose from. Also provided upon request is a bespoke service so that we can tailor your exact design wishes.

Our wood is cut 4-6 weeks before construction and it has a humidity of 25-35%. The total time in work shop is 10-12 weeks. This is the correct combination of humidity and time to ensure that you logs do not bow at all. The semi-wet state in which the logs are used is a time-proven traditional way to construct log cabins which dates back centuries.

We are delighted to announce that for each tree that is cut down, we plant 7 new trees. This process is overseen and regulated by European law and we are more than happy to put back 7 fold what we take out of the ground, thus ensuring our business does not impact on the already fragile environment we live in.

When the workshop process is complete, the Log Cabin is transported by road to your location in the UK. This takes between 3 to 4 days. Once the logs have been delivered, it only takes 2-3 weeks to construct the lodge. We also provide a service building the foundations, please enquire if needed.

We have a variety of packages available for windows, doors, roof tiles and flooring, all available on request.

A variety of interior finishing options are available, please look at our ‘Interior finishes’’ page or enquire.

Dream Log Cabin 1 - House Geneva 1

Dream Log Cabin 2 - House Bergamo with Floor and Attic

Dream Log Cabin 3 - House Siena

Dream Log Cabin 4 - House Kaprun 110m2

Dream Log Cabin 5 - House Aviemore 40 m2

Dream Log Cabin 6 - Cervinia

Dream Log Cabin 7 - House Salzburg

Dream Log Cabin 8 - House Saas Fee